Process invoice, passport, ID card, CV and more.
Intelligence in document processing

These days, data capture is regarded as a commodity and taken for granted. However, not all data capture solutions are the same, even when they seem to be. The same goes, in spades, for document process automation. And while we don’t presume to know which solution will best suit your needs and requirements, we do know that a carefully selected document automation solution will serve your company better, in a much wider scope, than any commodity that is merely added to the processing software.

Fast processing

Did you know you're able to get all the data in a document within seconds? No matter how invoices enter your organization – on paper or in any electronic form – the software intelligently extracts the important information and validates it according to a pre-defined set of rules. To simplify set-up, ReadSoft offers many different country-specific profiles, programmed with region-specific criteria like VAT rates, date formats, and currency characters.


You can send bulk documents and get full, detailed report about your documents. By processing invoices in the cloud, your organization is freed from the costs of a server, software, and hardware maintenance, and your staff is freed from the error-prone work of entering invoice information. Invoices become available online for verification and approval within moments of arrival.

Cloud made easy!

Our software immediately extracts and enters the data from your supplier invoices into a secure online site, allowing you to access, verify, and approve the information easily, from any location.

Ultimate Security

Invoices, Passports, IDs, CVs are fully secure. We never store any documents in our database. Documents are immediately deleted after processing is complete.

Core Team

Ugur Kirbac

Software Development and Management

Matteo Maggioni

Algorithm Dev., Image Processing Expert

Oguzhan Gencoglu

Algorithm Dev., Machine Learning Expert


Intelligent Background Checking

Onfido is the data-driven platform helping employers make fast, informed decisions on who they can trust. We do this through providing background checks and pre employment screening to companies who want to take the risk out of recruiting.

Computer Vision & Graphics

SigmaRD is a leader and a valued partner in providing solutions for its clients. We deliver the highest value to our customers needs with state-of-the-art technology. SigmaRD achieves perfection.

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